The results of this tool are dependent upon several factors:

The measurements you provide must accurately represent a position you intend to ride.  The RideFinder tool does not replace a professional fitting.

The rider is using a handlebar with the same dimensions the are to be used on the future bicycle.  Alterations to the configurations suggested by RideFinder may result in a comparably comfortable position, but compensation must occur for differences in handlebar dimensions.  Choosing a handlebar and compensating for any dimensional differences is not the responsibility of FitMyRide or the RideFinder application.

All bike geometry measurements used and provided by the RideFinder application have been accumulated from the posted geometry charts publicly available on the website of each respective manufacturer.

All output of the RideFinder application is a suggestion.  The user should always perform their own confirmation using their own calculations prior to making any bicycle purchase.  FitMyRide is not responsible for any discrepancies.

The RideFinder application does not accommodate for any other geometrical position other than handlebar bore relative to the bottom bracket placement.  Successful saddle placement is dependent upon seat-tube angle, seat-post height(and offset), and saddle geometry.  These measurement should always be confirmed before making a purchase based on a RideFinder recommendation.