Triathlon Fitting
Triathlon Bike Fitting

The Fit My Ride process consists of everything it takes to get you riding your bike more often.


Contact Points

The comfort level at the points where you connect with the bike can dictate whether you enjoy riding your bike or not.  Handlebar configuration, saddle selection, and cleat positioning are the first items addressed during my fit sessions.  My entire saddle and bar selection is available for testing during fit sessions.



Once contact comfort is established, we iterate through several series of adjustments, targeting a final position that answers both the riders usage and

Road Bike Fitting
Road Bike Fitting

comfort demands.  This is achieved through extensive use of my fully adjustable fit bike to allow the rider to feel the progression of their fit as they pedal under load.  During this process I utilize my preferred motion analysis software and, yes, laser beams.



You will leave your fitting session with visual samples of your fit progression as well as full documentation of your position measurements, industry-standard fit coordinates, and equipment choices.  This documentation serves as your “fit prescription” for you to use when re-assembling your bike after travel, translating your ideal position to another bike, or making a purchase from a bike shop.  Those looking to buy a bike will also receiver a customized RideFinder report, indicating the ideal size and configuration of many of the latest and widely available bikes matching their specific position.
Road Sample ReportTri Sample Report